Our Offer


Individual Consultation

Consultation regarding which area in Vienna would best suit your specific needs. After having screened the real estate market and liaised with relevant real estate brokers we will present our conclusions to you in a written report.


Transaction Advice

Consultation about the process of how the transaction should be structured. A citizen of a non-EU country who wants to purchase property in Vienna must file a petition including a statement as to whether the legal transaction will have any economic, social or cultural impact (so-called designated use of the acquired property). We work with various Austrian legal counsel who can assist you with the relevant petition.


Transaction Costs

Advice on all relevant costs that are involved in a real estate transaction in Vienna. The transaction costs, incl. notary and real estate broker fees, typically amount to around 8 % of the purchase price.

3,5% Property transfer tax
1,1% Registration fee (land register)
1-3% excl. VAT to the notary or lawyer for drafting purchase agreement
3% Broker's Commission fee excl. 20 % VAT

Investing into the Viennese Real Estate Market