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Investing into the Viennese Real Estate Market

As one of the most prosperous and stable EU Member States, Austria offers its investors ideal conditions. The Austrian economic system can be characterised as a free market economy and is often described as an island of stability in uncertain times.

Vienna, also described as Europe’s cultural capital, is a metropolis with unique charm, vibrancy and flair. It boasts outstanding infrastructure, is clean and safe, and has all the inspiration that you could wish for when selecting and purchasing real estate. Vienna consistently tops various rankings of cities offering the highest quality of life.

When choosing residential property in Vienna, attention should be paid to its location, the infrastructure surrounding the property, the conditions of the building and the expected future development of the area. Vienna is a vibrant city and its different areas are very distinct and offer great variety in terms of living conditions.

It is almost impossible to choose the ideal property (both from a living standard perspective and from a financial point of view) without possessing in-depth knowledge of Vienna and its different districts.

We have substantial experience and knowledge of Vienna to guide you to make an informed decision when purchasing your property.

Non-EU citizen Specifics

A citizen of a non-EU country who wants to purchase property in Vienna must file a petition including a statement as to whether the legal transaction will have any economic or cultural impact (so-called designated use of the acquired property). We work with various experienced Austrian legal counsel who can assist you with the relevant petition.

Transaction Costs

3,5% Property transfer tax 35%
1,1% Registration fee (land register) 11%
1-3% excl. VAT to the notary or lawyer for drafting purchase agreement 30%
3% Broker's Commission fee excl. 20 % VAT 30%

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